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St Neots Golf Club members can play FREE Golf at 7 regional courses, as part of our reciprocal golf promotion.

Six other local courses, Bedford & County, The Bedfordshire, Burghley Park and Stoke Rochford, can also be played for a nominal fee.

In addition FREE and preferential rate golf is also available at 20 courses nationally, via the 1890 Club

To Book Reciprocal Golf at St Neots please email: golf@stneotsgolfclub.co.uk

Reciprocal Details
Club Phone Number Link Contact Other Notes
Bedford & County 01234 352617   Office / Secretary £10 Fee  
Bedfordshire 01234 822555   Pro Shop £10 fee £15 Weekends  
Buckingham 01280 815566   Office / Secretary    
Burghley Park See Notes   St Neots Pro Shop £15 Fee Notes
Charnwood Forest 01509 890259   Office / Secretary    
Chiltern Forest 01296 631267   Office / Secretary    
Ely City 01353 662751   Office / Secretary Cannot book more than 5 days in advance.  
Kettering 01536 511104   Office / Secretary £10 fee. N/A week-ends  
Leighton Buzzard 01525 244800   Office / Secretary    
Market Harborough 01858 463684   Pro Shop Rules Notes
Millbrook 01525 402269   Office / Secretary    
Belton Park 01476 542903   Pro shop £20 per round, £25 on Sundays  
South Beds 01582 591500   Office / Secretary N/A week-ends  
Stoke Rochford 01476 530218   Pro Shop £10 Fee Extra at Weekends  
Whipsnade Park 01442 842310   Pro Shop    
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Reciprocal Rules

Under the following conditions, members of these courses are able to play at any of other reciprocal courses, giving members access to a wide range of local courses and facilities.

No fee will be levied, unless applied at the home club, and then parity will be applied.
Arrangements for reciprocal golf cannot be made more than one month in advance.
This reciprocal arrangement applies only to adult male and female members, with a current CONGU handicap and will only be available in accordance with their membership category, i.e. 5 day members will NOT be permitted to participate in reciprocal golf at weekends.

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St Neots Members

Must initially telephone the club they wish to visit themselves and ascertain availability. ( exception for Burghley Park )
You will not be able to play before 10.00am weekdays or 15.00hrs at weekends nor will more than 8 members at a time be eligible.
Must obtain a letter of introduction from the office or the ‘Director of Golf ‘which must be presented when arriving at the host club. Failure to present the letter will mean you are not eligible to receive courtesy via these arrangements.
Must obey all the host club rules.

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Visitors to St Neots

Will be permitted to play weekdays after 10.00hrs and weekends after 15.00hrs, subject to course availability.
Must have phoned before the visit to ascertain availability.
Must bring a letter of introduction from their home club. This should state the handicaps of all the visitors.
Will be honorary members of St Neots Golf Club for the day and will be welcome to use our facilities and will be expected to obey all Club rules.
No more than 8 players per day from a single club will be accepted and there will be no more than 6 x 4 ball slots available per day to support the reciprocal scheme.
St Neots Golf Club operates a standard dress code which players are required to adhere to.

Please Note

To save any possible misunderstanding the availability of tee times and dates to use the Reciprocal Golf Arrangements described above, together with the number of players allowed to use this facility on any one occasion will be the sole discretion of the host club, and their decision will be final.